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  • #4A Red Oak 1-1/2"x 26"x 60"

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    Forever Joint Red Oak Butcher Block Tops!

    Our tops are great for tables, countertops, benchtops, islands, and much more! (pictured above are stock photos)


    No tops come pre-finished. A picture or two above might have a finish applied, but that is for customers to have a better understanding of what a finished top looks like. If you have any questions about a finish or sealer please let us know!

    Every top will be 1-1/2 inch thick, and will also come with an edge grain surface that is routered with a 1/4" eased edge to give every top a smooth edge and corners.

    Sanded to a 120 grit finish with a food safe mineral oil applied. Ready to be installed or sealed and finished with an oil based product of your choice.

    Each top is pieced together separately so every single one has its own custom look truly making the table you buy a one of a kind! 

    Other custom sizes and shapes are available upon request. Any top up to 3 feet wide and 8 feet long. (Some restrictions may apply)*  
    We have a CNC machine that is able to make any top into a custom shape or design.  This makes it possible to get exact cuts for our customer so their top can fit anywhere in their home that they need it to! ($50 charge for custom CNC cuts)

    All of our butcher block tops are produced from Kiln Dried Red Oak out of the midwest. Proudly Made In The USA!