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#2A Rock Hard Maple 1-1/2"x 30" Round Top


Forever Joint Rock Hard Maple Butcher Block Tops!

  • Our tops are great for tables, countertops, benchtops, islands, and much more! (The top pictured above is a stock photo of one of our tops and is not the size above)
  • Notice:  No tops come pre-finished. A picture or two above might have a finish applied, but that is for customers to have a better understanding of what a finished top looks like. If you have any questions about a finish or sealer please let us know and we will answer what we can!
  • Every top will be 1-1/2 inch thick, and will also come with an edge grain surface that is routered with a 1/4" eased edge to give every top a smooth edge and corners.
  • Sanded to a 120 grit finish with a food safe mineral oil applied. Ready to be installed or sealed and finished with a oil based product of your choice.
  • Each top is pieced together separately so every single one has its own custom look truly making the table you buy a one of a kind! 
  • Other custom sizes and shapes are available upon request. Any top up to 3 feet wide and 8 feet long. (Some restrictions may apply)*    
  • We have a CNC machine that is able to make any top into a custom shape or design.  This makes it possible to get exact cuts for our customer so their top can fit anywhere in their home that they need it to!
  • We work out of a small shop and are extremely picky when it comes to attention to detail so our customers get the best possible product!
  • All of our butcher block tops are produced from Kiln Dried hard rock maple out of both Wisconsin and Michigan. Proudly Made In The USA! 
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