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Frequently Asked Questions

We Cut tops to size for free!

Please email anthonykkfjtops@gmail.com or ikorish@gmail.com for any questions and inquiries about a custom size top.

Q1: What is the thickness of the tops?

A: The only thickness we make our tops is 1-½”.

Q2: How much does shipping cost?

A: All regular orders come with free shipping! Any top bigger than 36"x72" and 30"x84" will ship for free to the fedex freight center closest to the shipping address provided. If you would like a large top shipped directly to a residential area additional costs may apply. Bulk order shipping will vary depending on the size of the order and the location that it is being delivered. Please contact for more information

Q3: What are the size limits?

A: The max size that we are able to make a single top is 36”x 96”. It is possible for us to supply you with two or more sections that can be put together to make a larger whole. We can install butterfly joints on the bottom of your tops so it can be easily connected on site. The addition of butterfly joints is $50. We do not supply the hardware needed to connect the tops. The hardware can be purchased online HERE.

If you are interested in this option please contact anthonykfjtops@gmail.com with the details of your order.

Q5: Do tops come finished?

A: All Forever Joint tops will be sanded, have eased edges, and will have a food safe mineral oil applied on them. They will not have a sealer/finish applied on them.

Q6: What are the best finishes?

A: The two products that we enjoy working with are as follows:

Waterlox - This product can be found online at www.waterlox.com. It is an extremely water resistant sealer/finisher that is very easy to work with, and it produces great results. This is a great product if your top will be near a sink or another water source.

Cabot’s Oil Based Polyurethane Finish - This product can be found many places online or at your local Home-Depot/Menards/Lowe’s. Cabot’s is very easy to use and we always see consistent quality results when we use it.

*Any oil based product will work with our tops, but the two above are recommended

Q7: How do I care for my top?

A: We recommend that you finish/seal your top with one of the two products mentioned above(See Q6). Refer to the instructions of the sealing product you have for more exact instructions, but make sure to apply at least 1-2 heavy coats on the bottom of your butcher block top and 4 to 5 coats on the top/sides.

Once your top is sealed there is no further maintenance or care needed.

If you plan on using your top as a cutting/food prep surface then you will need to purchase butcher block oil (mineral oil). After each use of the top wash it with soap and water, and then wipe it dry. After wiping the top apply a layer of mineral oil to the top and edges of your butcher block.

Make sure to apply mineral oil to your top at least every few days to keep the wood from drying out and contracting.

Q8: What is the current lead time?

A: Current lead time is between two and three weeks. If time is of the essence for your project contact ikfjtops@gmail.com to see if there is a possibility of expedited shipping. Expedited shipping cost will depend on the size of your top(s) as well as delivery location.

Q9: Can I cut on my top?

A: Forever Joint butcher block tops are great for cutting board use.

**NOTICE** Any top that is used as a cutting board will require more care than a sealed top. See Q7 above for instructions on how to take care of your top.

Q10: Are there matching back splashes?

A: We sell matching back splashes for each type of wood that we have. Please contact ikfjtops@gmail.com with the size backsplash you need for a quote.

Q11: What is the product warranty?

A: All Forever Joint butcher block tops that are sealed using any oil based sealer/finisher will have a lifetime warranty. If something happens to your top please email ikfjtops@gmail.com and provide the name the order was placed under as well as pictures of the damage.

    **If a top is not sealed it will not be eligible for warranty.

Q12: How will tops be shipped?

A: Tops are shipped by different companies depending on the size of your top as well as the delivery location. The companies we use to ship our tops are Speedee Delivery and FedEx. On very large sizes an LTL freight company will be used to deliver your tops.

**NOTICE** All tops that ship through an LTL freight company will ship to the freight center closest to your location, or a business with a loading dock or forklift. Residential addresses are not eligible for LTL shipments.

If you have any unanswered questions please contact Anthonykfjtops@gmail.com